The Standard, Application, and Advantage of FMC Mezzanine Modules

The article gives a brief description of the FMC standard that defines mezzanine modules designed for operation with the FPGA-based boards. The examples are shown using FMC mezzanine and FPGA-based carrier boards implemented in in accordance with the CompactPCI Serial and OpenVPX standards. 21.11.2018

PERFECTRON Skylake H,S and U series motherboard

PERFECTRON has released the latest Skylake series of EBX SBC- OXY5739A, 3.5” SBC- OXY5361A and mini ITX motherboard INS8349B. PERFECTRON Skylake series motherboard meets all your demands for variety form factor with high performance CPU, featuring ruggedness specification and truly extended temperate for austere environment. These latest truly rugged SBC from PERFECTRON are ideal for defense, military, high-end Automation and heavy-duty railway applications. 24.03.2017

New Approach! Debut of Medical Grade All-In-One!

PERFECTRON launches lightweight projected capacitive all-in-one touch Panel PC – MeD series, looking forward to support medical-grade imaging display. PERFECTRON’s MeD series, with their flexibility in size and multi-optional function, can be widely used in hospital, from information center, Kiosk, nursing station, to bedside infotainment terminal, providing a satisfying patient-centered environment.18.02.2017

All You Need is Something New Skylake-S is In The House

Everything we do we believe in challenging our status quo by pursuing the arts of simplicity, and the high efficiency of automation that leads PERFECTRON to release this latest series of OXY5322A, OXY5338A, and INS8349A. Please find our empowered Intel®’s latest 4th, 5th, and 6th Generation Core™ Processor family for up-to-date project building and splendid new life!....26.07.2016

LIF series Rugged Touch Panel Computers with Intel® CPU onboard.

LIF Series 15 inch Fan-less Rugged Panel Computer with extended operating temperature and wide range voltage 9V-24V DC or 100V -240V AC input, which provides sufficient operating performance by fanless system. Perfectron’s LIF series can operate perfectly in wide range temperature environment from -30°C up to 60°C. For security purpose, we special designed anti-remove USB port at back with cover to ensure a secure space for USB and avoids unexpected remove or stole…09.01.2016

PERFECTRON SR10 MIL-STD-810G, Intel Core i7 Military Rugged Computer  Intel® Haswell Core™ i7-4700EQ onboard

PERFECTRON, an innovative industrial computing and embedded system solution provider has launched a new MIL-STD Fanless Rugged System – SR10. SR10 highlights its 4th Generation Haswell Core i7 Fanless System with optional easy accessible with SSD storage, rugged XR-DIMM RAM, rich I/O with 4 USB 3.0, 4 Com Port, 2 LANs (optional with 4 LANs) and 3 Video outputs. Besides variety outputs, PERFECTRON has design an unique Wipe Rope Vibration Isolator for better vibration and shock resistance.....07.12, 2015

“No compromise” gives birth the PERFECTRON extreme rugged MIL COTS StackRack® series.

Featuring Intel’s latest Haswell powerful quad-core CPU i7-4700EQ and ruggedized open-standard EBX architecture, PERFECTRON’s extreme rugged MIL COTS StackRack® series is built as hardest heart of applications that proves to triumph environmental testing. The most adopted environment regulation, by all departments and agencies of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), MIL-STD-810G which was issued on 2008. See how StackRack® achieves superior level of MIL-STD-810G on shock & vibration, extended temperature and MIL-STD-461E EMI protection....16.7, 2015

Railway Computer Solutions
In modern society, the advanced management system and technology are starting to be implanted in public transportation. The railway system is particular to be required with control and management functions in order to ensure passenger safety as well as railway efficiency. PERFECTRON’s railway solutions provide the complete platforms and portfolio which are ideal fit for Train Event Recorder, Multimedia Server and Passenger Infotainment. Check out the highlight below for more details about PERFECTRON’s advanced railway solutions.. . 22.9, 2014

PERFECTRON EBX SBC with 4th Generation Intel® Haswell Processor
PERFECTRON’s EBX SBC measures 203 x 146 mm, offering high computing performance under extreme environment. PERFECTRON’s latest EBX SBC – OXY5737A is based on Intel® Haswell QM87 chipset and supports Intel's 4th Generation Haswell Core™ i7/i3 processor. It is operating effectively in harsh environments ranging from -20 to 70°C (-40 to 85°C optional) and is perfect solution for military, transportation, factory automation and digital signage applications. More key functions are featuring in the stacking PCIe/104 expansion ability, flexible I/O functions for triple display ports (2 x DP, LVDS, DVI-I), SATA 3.0 SSD soldering on board and 9~36V DC-in power support. . 14.5, 2014

1U Rack Mount Fan-less System Core i7 (45W) Full Speed
Perfectron developed 19” 1U Rack-mount fanless system (core™ i7-3610QE) that supports two 2.5” hot swap storage SSD, which is convenient for users to replace storage without disassembling the system. The ROC235 series, powered by Intel® Ivy Bridge mobile processors, features platform of PCI, I/O interfaces of dual GbE LAN ports, HDMI, DVI-D, USB 3.0 and supports 16GB RAM. Two different power versions as universal free input and wide range DC input fit requirements from users. Also the systems remains stable operating temp from – 20°C to +60°C/+70°C via Perfectron’s advanced thermal design. 7.1, 2014

i7-3610QE CPU Full Speed Over Wide Range Temp.
Increased mission critical applications brought up the truly rugged and reliable solutions. PER335A and PER535A, powered by Intel® Ivy Bridge Quad Cores™ i7-3610QE (45W), are born for extreme temperature environments. Designed with truly wide range temperature grade components, systems maintain outstanding operation performance under crucial conditions. 19.12, 2013

For Tough Mission You Need Tougher Heart with Tougher Bonding -Real Rugged, Anti-Vibration, Anti-Shock and MIL standard compatible
-Real Rugged, Anti-Vibration, Anti-Shock and MIL standard compatible 
To fulfill ruggedized requirements in harsh conditions, PERFECTRON provides 3.5" SBC, COM Express and Stack PC with processor, memory and SSD soldering onboard plus wide operating temperature from -20 to 70 °C (-40 to 85°C by request). Featuring Ultimate Durability, Maximum Resistance to Shock and Vibration and good Varying Levels of Performance-Per-Watt on all OXY5336A, OXY5135B and OXY5535A. 20.08, 2013