• PERFECTRON Launches Full-size PICMG SHB 1.3 SBC
  • Intel® LGA1155 Core™ i7/ i5 /i3 and Intel® Q67 PCH
  • Featuring DDR3 SDRAM, VGA, DVI-D, dual PCIe GbE LAN, 2 COM and 10 USB ports

  • Taipei,Taiwan,October,29,2012 -
  • PERFECTRON, the innovative industrial grade provider of intelligent fanless systems, has just released the XTR9145A full-size PICMG SHB 1.3 SBC, which supports the Intel® LGA1155 Core™ i7/ i5 /i3 processor and the Intel® Q67 PCH chipset. Providing faster system platforms with high bandwidth interfaces to peripheral cards, the XTR9145A supports 2 x 240 pin DIMM dual channel DDR3 with up to 16 GB of memory. The integrated Intel® HD graphics offer advanced graphics performance and dual independent display via VGA and DVI-D (by pin-header)

    In addition to the flexible system design and PCI/PCI-X compatibility of the older specifications, it also supports PCIe x 16, PCIe x 4, four PCI, dual PCIe GbE LAN, six SATA and audio. The XTR9145A is suitable for gaming, DSA, DVR, surveillance and network computing, as well as a variety of other applications.

    Improved speed from full-size PICMG system host boards (SHB) and Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor
    The full-size PICMG 1.3 replaces the PCI/ISA bus combination with the PCI Express. This allows the use of the latest high performance peripheral cards (including PCI Express x16 graphics cards) while retaining PCI(-X) support for legacy devices. With this latest interface and broader bandwidth, the XTR9145A combines the Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor with the Q67 chipset to deliver outstanding performance and processing speed. It allows you to set the pace with innovative applications today, while the PCI-Express on edge connector offers enough I/O headroom for emerging next-generation requirements.

    Supports Advanced I/O Connectors 
    The XTR9145A comes with all standard I/O interfaces and powerful expansion capability including 10 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x PCIe x 4, 1 x PCIe x 16, 4 x PCI. With its integrated Intel HD graphics technology, the XTR9145A offers highly efficient graphics and multi-media computing capability. These features, combined with its high resolution (2048 x 1536) VGA display make it the ideal choice for applications such as gaming, digital signage, and medical and digital surveillance.


  • Secured by Intel® AMT 7.0 
    The XTR9145A supports Embedded Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) in order to maintain, update, upgrade, monitor, and repair PCs. It gives management and security applications (subsequently system administrators) better access to PCs down the wire, in order to remotely and securely maintain and manage PCs more efficiently.


  • Expand display performance by dual display DVI-D pin-header and VGA port 
    The XTR9145A’s improved performance, flexibility and bandwidth make the architecture ideal for tasks requiring high-speed data transfer. Besides a VGA port on the rear side and a DVI-D port supported by pin-header, it also supports dual independent display, making it a potentially excellent solution for automated optical inspection (AOI) and other digital imaging applications. To overcome the limitations of having just one USB port on the rear side, the XTR9145A has two vertical USB ports and two pin-header USB ports, which enable flash module expansion.


      • Supports Intel® LGA1155 Core i7/i5/i3 processor
      • Dual Channel DDR3 1066/1333 up to 8GB
      • Supports Intel® AMT 7.0 & TPM (optional)
      • Supports PCIe Gen2 at 5GT/s
      • 10 x USB (Including 2 Vertical Connectors)
      • VGA + DVI-D (pin-header)
      • Expansion Interface 1 x PCIe x 16/1 x PCIe X 4/ 4 x PCI

      For more information about PERFECTRON and its product line, please visit www.perfectron.com