• Rugged Panel Computer
  • PERFECTRON's Rugged Panel Computer is the industrial grade PPC solutions for logistic & warehousing, construction, agricultural, and mining applications. With Intel® Atom N2600, N2800 CPU, and full IP65 dust/water proof enclosures, the series can have high performing in a wide range of temperature (-30 to 70°C). WiFi, GPS, WCDMA/GPRS and Bluetooth are integrated into the platform for real-time data exchange, navigation and communications.
Model Number Chipset Operating Temp Description
RVT0820A Intel® NM10 -30 to 60°C Vehicle Mount Terminal with 8.4" TFT LCD and Intel® Cedarview N2600 1.60GHz, IP65, Wide Temp. -30 to 60°C
RVT1216A Intel® NM10 -30 to 70°C Vehicle Mount Terminal with 12.1" TFT LCD and Intel® Cedarview N2800 1.60GHz, IP65, Wide Temp. -30 to 70°C