• OXY5313A
  • Intel® Pineview D525 3.5" SBC, Extended Temperature. -40 to 85°C
  • •Supports Intel® Atom™ D525 CPU onboard
  • •Single/dual channel 18/24-bit LVDS
  • •1 x Mini PCIe slot
  • •5 x COM ports
  • •7 x USB ports
  • •12V DC-in
  • •Wide operating temp. -40 to 85°C
  • All-inclusive Thermal Solution for the best performance
  • The top lid of ROC315B is itself a well function heat sink. Fanless design can supply all the demands posted by high-end applications. Aluminum top lid is an effective heat sink that provides a large area for heat dissipation. The heat sink inside the system is also made of aluminum; a material fits for quick and reliable heat removal.



Unique Tailor-made Heat Sink
The special designed heat sink function both as an effective heat sink and the top lid of ROC315B. Aluminum heat sink can dissipate the heat with maximum efficiency.

 •It contains_____of aluminum, the height is_______ and weighs _______ .

 •Due to metal property, Aluminum can dissipate heat in a quick fashion. Our fin design heat sink is capable of fast and reliable heat dissipation.

Aluminum Heat Sink
Heat sink is known for its ability to improve the distribution of heat. Our tailor-made heat sink is made with aluminum. It can dissipate the heat in the quickest fashion.

 •It contains 96% of aluminum, 48mm in height and weighs 103.5g.

 •Consumes shorter heat dissipating time owing to lower metal density

 • Better performance in heat dissipation


Power Module - SK701
Power modules provide electrical and, thermal contact, and electrical insulation where needed. SK701 is a wide input board type converter that supports input range from 9V to36V. SK701 is space-saving, thus suitable for slim fanless design. Made and tested by automatic production line, high quality and performance are guaranteed. 

 •Wide Input Range: 9V to 36V DC

 •12V DC output up to 5 Amp

 •Over voltage Protection/Over Current Protection

 •Hot swap/live insertion

 •Compact size: 100(W) x 30 (L) mm

 • Supports Extended Operating Temp. -40 to 85 degree



3.5”system mainboard OXY5313A powers up the system with maximum computing power. With the incorporation of thermal pad & heat sink, the heat generated during computing can be dissipated timely.