• OXY5320A
  • 3.5” form factor, Intel® Cedarview N2600 SBC, Extended Temperature -40 to 85°C
  • Intel® Atom Cedarview N2600 + Intel NM10 PCH on board
  • •Dual independent display: DVI-I, LVDS
  • •Rich I/O interface with 5 COM, 7 USB, 2 LAN, 2 SATAII,
  • and 1 CFast Socket
  • •Flexible expansion with 1 x mini PCIe
  • •Support Single Channel 18/24-bit single/dual LVDS
  • •12V DC-in, 4-pin ATX power connector, AT/ATX mode support
  • •Extended operating temperature -40 to 85°C

  • Introduction
  • OXY5320A, 3.5” form factor industrial motherboard, driven by Intel® 3rd generation Atom Cedarview N2600 processor and NM10 chipset on board. The feature of OXY5320A is to provide ultra low power consumption of only 3.5W and chipset of 2.1W while supporting dual-core of 1.6 GHz of CPU clock speed. This powerful dual-core operation and energy-saving low power design make OXY5320A an ideal candidate for display, automation, transportation, medical and more applications. To fulfill small form factor with versatile functions, OXY5320A supports one SATA II port and one CFast slot for storage, the maximum memory can be up to DDR3 4GB. Onboard there are up to five COM ports with 5V/12V (one RS232/422/482, four RS232), seven USB 2.0 and dual LAN by RTL8111E chip which supports wake on LAN. Apart from rich I/O for extension and system integration, PERFECTRON’s OXY5320A is design to meet rugged operating environment, from most important power, clock generator to Super I/O components, PERFECTRON only use extended operating temperature components to ensure the wide range temperature from -40 to +85°C. And by processor and chipset soldering on board, this Cedarview 3.5”SBC can withstand high level of shock and vibration. With these two features, OXY5320A can work extra well in ruggedized missions and to perform superior stability and reliability.



  • Rich I/O interface – Extensive Functionality
  • Rich I/O design endows OXY5320A with the ability to comprehend present day automation devices, display, and other applications that require extensive I/O features. With 5 COM ports, 7 USB, 2 LAN, 2 SATAII (one by CFast) and dual-display (DVI-I + LVDS), OXY5320A provides a wide array of choices to expand and connect to different devices.



  • Extended Temperature Operation
  • PERFECTRON aims to provide excellent performance to all types of temperature zone. From component selection to layout design, we dedicate our knowledge to make sure that our boards can stand extreme temperature. OXY5320A can operate from -40 up to 85 degree, our strict manufacture procedure guarantees supreme performance in severe environment.



  • Efficient thermal solution
  • A tailor-made heat spreader is what PERFECTRON provide for engineers to reduce mechanical design period also ensures the highest efficacy for dissipation. For OXY5320A, the customized heat sink is placed on top of the CPU and chipset, acting as the medium that exchanges the heat to the surrounding atmosphere. The highly efficient aluminum heat sink has a thermal conductivity to absorb the heat generated by the pumping CPU.



  • Installation Instruction
  • Procedure: Place the thermal pad on top of the CPU and chipset, and then stick the heat sink upwards.


  • Thermal Pad
    Thermal pad is widely used to aid the conduction of heat away from the component that needs to be cooled down (e.g. CPU) and into the heat sink.
    •To determine the effectiveness of a thermal pad, the unit “K” is applied. Most of the other companies in the embedded market employ materials under K10 for economic reason. Perfectron, with the target of reaching CPU full speed without throttling, incorporates only K17 military grade as our principle specification.
  • •The thinner the thermal pad is the better effect it creates. The thickness of the thermal pad is crucial, be it too thick, the heat will cumulate and force the heat dissipated by the CPU to flow back.
  • •With precise calculation, the thermal pad we implemented is 3mm in height.

Heat Sink
Heat sink is known for improving the distribution of heat. Our tailor-made heat spreader is made with and aluminum. It can dissipate the heat in the quickest fashion.
•It contains 96% of aluminum, 48mm height and weighs 15g.

•Thermal paste is applied to give mechanical strength to the bond between heat sink and heat source. It eliminates air from the surface area and optimizes the heat transfer between the two contact surfaces.

•Excellent performance in heat dissipation.

Operating Temp.
Can withstand extended temperature from -40 to 85°C – board level