• INS8153A
  • Intel®C216 ATX Industrial MB, supporting Xeon E3, Ivy Bridge CPU
  • Introduction
  • ATX C216 supports the 22nm LGA 1155 Intel® Xeon processor E3-1200v2 family which offer higher performance at lower power consumption, the integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 engine delivers up to 50% 3D graphics performance improvement and up to 1.8x HD to HD transcode performance increase. INS8153A is an ideal choice for high performance gaming machines, surveillance systems, public infotainment, fitness equipment, server-grade high-speed communication, and other high resolution digital signage applications.
  • Feature
  • •Supports Intel® LGA 1155 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor
  • •Xeon® E3-1275v2 3.5 GHz (8M Cache, 77W)
  • •Xeon® E3-1225v2 3.2 GHz (8M Cache, 77W)
  • •Core™ i3-3220 3.3 GHz (3M Cache, 65W)
  • •Pentium® G2120 3.1 GHz (3M Cache, 65W)
  • •Multi Display: VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
  • •Four channel DDR3 1066/1333/1600 MHz, up to 32 GB
  • •2 x PCIe x16, 2 x PCIe x4, 3 x PCI, 1 x mPCIe (optional mSATA supported)
  • •2 x SATAIII, 2 x SATAII
  • •14 x USB ports
  • •6 x COM ports
  • •16-bit DIO
Part Number Description
INS8153A ATX Industrial MB supports 22nm Intel® LGA 1155 Ivy Bridge processor
0C0181098702500L Intel® E3-1275v2 (77W)
0C0181160603500L Intel® E3-1225v2 (77W)
0C0181137502500L Intel® i3-3220 (55W)
0C0181095801500L Intel® G2120 (65W)
0C0181044204500L Intel® i3-2120 (65W)
0C0181046204500L Intel® G850 (65W)
0C0181046804500L Intel® G540 (65W)