• OXY5622A
  • Intel® Bay Trail-I E3845/ Celeron J1900 processors on board, 8GB DDR3 RAM on board, 32GB NAND Drive on board, 9V~36V DC-in with power delay on/off, Extended Temperature -40 to 85°C
  • •Support Intel® Bay Trail-I, Celeron J1900 CPU
  • •NAND Drive 32GB on board
  • •DDR3 1600MHz 8GB/4GB MIP onboard
  • •2 x Mini PCIe expansion
  • •Multi display: VGA, 2 x DP, LVDS
  • •4 x COM ports, 5 x USB ports
  • •Extended operating temp. -40~+85°C

  • Introduction
  • OXY5622A, a powerful rugged EPIC SBC is driven by Intel® Bay Trail-I processor E3845 (10W) and Celeon J1900 (10W) soldering onboard. Bay Trail processors support outstanding graphics and CPU performance, providing quad cores 1.91GHz clock speed while consuming low power consumption. The powerful combination makes the SBC with high computing power for multi-tasking while reducing idle power consumption. OXY5622A is regarded as a rich-featured board that can be applied to cater various I/O requirements. Mission-critical applications can take the advantages of processors soldering onboard and extended operating temperature from -40 to 85°C to ensure ultimate durability, utmost resistance to shock & vibration. OXY5622A is truly a rugged SBC ideal for building rugged tablet, entry-level automation and railway infotainment applications.



  • Bay Trail processors enhance in graphic performance
  • Bay Trail E3845 is operated as systems on chip (SoC) that integrates electronic system into a single chip; it may contain digital, analog and other functions all on one chip. E3845 SoC is designed to improve media conversions speed, stereoscopic 3D and enhance HD video transcoding. It is worth nothing that E3845 upgrades its graphic capability by providing new graphic units with quad cores CPU and have GPU running at 542MHz frequency and up to 792MHz if needed, which makes graphic card unnecessary. More importantly, OXY5622A carries VGA, dual channel 24-bit LVDS, 2 Display ports and PenMount 6000 resistive touch controller that can bring out the beauty of E3845’s graphic performance, such as automation system control, rugged panel PC and interactive digital signage.



  • Rich I/O for flexibility in I/O configurations
  • OXY5622A embraces rich I/O that provides embedded system developers diverse flexibility in I/O configurations to meet different embedded applications. The rich I/O features multiple displays, 2 x DP and VGA connectivity ports with dual channel 24-bit LVDS. This feature-rich board comes with a variety of I/O, including four COM ports, five USB ports, two Gigabit LANs, two SATAIII, all these can help system integrators to develop solutions quickly. Viewing the popularity of 3G and touch panel usage, OXY5622A offers optimal choices for multi-function, such as onboard SIM Card slot for 3.5G connectivity and onboard Pen Mount 6000 resistive touch controller for connecting touch panel. The versatile expansion compatibility also includes two full-size miniPCIe that could add on additional I/O or additional functionality.



  • Installation Instruction
  • Procedure: Stick thermal pad on CPU and chipset, and then simply put passive heat sink on thermal pad.
  • On the bottom of heat sink is a bulge directly contacting with CPU to absorb heat, and then spread the collected heat to upper aluminum heat sink. Aluminum is known as well heat convection regarding to its metal characteristic. After transferring heat from bottom layer to heat sink, uniform fin design is applied to achieve heat dissipation efficiency.


  • Aluminum Passive Heat Sink
    Heat sink is known for lowering the temperature by dissipating heat into the surrounding air.
    •It contains 96 % of aluminum, 48 mm height and weighs 175 g
  • •Tailor-made one bulge on the bottom of heat sink correspond to the placement of CPU on OXY5622A
  • • Owing to low CPU power consumption (10W/5W), uniform straight fin design is applied.Consume shorter heat dissipating time owing to lower metal density
  • • Better performance in heat dissipating

Operating Temp.
Can with stand extended temperature from -40 to 85°C