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Design in Services

To deliver specialized solutions, PERFECTRON offers embedded computer products with board level and system level customization. We actively engage clients in the course of product development to deliver the custom solutions they need. Our services include custom motherboard designs, embedded BIOS features, operating system and application software integration, display solutions, and thermal solutions.



Motherboard Customization

PERFECTRON is committed to creating innovative and reliable embedded computing products. We develop scalable and compact motherboards that deliver high performance with lower power consumption. Our products include industrial motherboards and related daughter boards such as the COM Express, PC/104+ & StackPC, 3.5” SBC, EPIC SBC, EBX SBC, Mini ITX, ATX, PICMG and custom form factors








BIOS Customization

Distinguish your solutions from competitors with superior embedded BIOS products from Perfectron. We focus on creating products that deliver excellent results, while providing the compatibility and functionality that you need. We are dedicated to providing customized BIOS products that fit your business requirements. Our custom embedded features include BIOS image reduction, BIOS configuration, and panel resolution set up.




OS Customization

PERFECTRON uses Windows Embedded Standard to develop custom operating systems for your market-specific needs. We provide pre-configured OS images and built-in utilities for Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded.


Panel Lighting Up

PERFECTRON's research and development team custom_design_panelhas extensive experience in different display solutions for both CCFL and LED. We offer professional panel light up services, cabling solutions, backlight solutions, customized BIOS support, and IEGD driver support.








Thermal Solution Customization

PERFECTRON leverages its expertise in cooling system design, and in heat sink and heat pipe thermal solutions. The total power consumption of embedded systems is critical. As such, we evaluate the total power consumption and provide the best thermal solutions for your system. Our cooling system designs include heat flow control fans and custom chassis-specific heat sink or heat pipe designs. We also offer 2D drawing and 3D modeling support.