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PERFECTRON launches the latest rugged SBC- OXY5361A with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6600U Processor

- August 29, 2017
Powered by Intel® Soc Core™ i7 BGA Type Chipset, containing extended operating temp -40~+85°C and wide range 9~36V DC-in

PERFECTRON, an innovative industrial computing and embedded system solution provider, has launched a new rugged SBC –OXY5361A. The OXY5361A is based on Intel® Soc Core™ i7 BGA Type chipset,and is powered by Intel® 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6600U processor, Intel® Core™ i5-6300U processor and Intel® Core™ i3-6100U processor. The OXY5361A can operate effectively inharsh environment under temp range from -40 ° C to 85°C and is a perfectsolution to fulfill diverse needs of modernday display & monitor control applications. It can avoid damage from sudden surge of voltage with its 9V~36V DC input design.


Great resistance to vibration and shock.


OXY5361A is a highly integrated 3.5" rugged SBC driven by Intel® Skylake U processor i7-6600U soldering onboard, and integrated with 2 x DDR4 SO-DIMM 1866/2133 MHz up 32GB memory. Processor supports graphics (HD Graphics 500 Series) and CPU performance. With processor onboard can significantly enhance the resistance to vibration and shock.




High Scalability I/O design


For those who look for high scalability I/O design mother board, OXY5361A provides diverse flexibility in I/O configurations and it completely meet different embedded demands from clients. OXY5361A comprise rich I/O connectivity including: 2 COM Ports; 8 Bit DIO; 6 USB Ports. And it features with 2 Display Ports and a Dual Channel 24 Bit LVDS. Rich I/O design endows OXY5361A with the ability to comprehend present day automation devices, display, and other applications that require extensive I/O features. With 2 COM, 6 USB, 2 LAN, and dual Channel 24-bit LVDS, OXY5361A provides a wide array of choices to expand and connect to different devices.


Wide temperature ensures great reliability


PERFECTRON aims to provide excellent performance to all types of temperature zone. From component selection to layout design, we dedicate our knowledge to make sure that our boards can stand extreme temperature. The OXY5361A uses industrial extended-temp to ensure the system can operate with highly performance and reliability over extended periods. This feature reduces the potential computer glitches caused by hardware incompatibility and losses of connectivity caused by shock and vibration. OXY5361A can operate from -40 up to 85 degree, our strict manufacture procedure guarantees supreme performance in severe environment.


Wide Voltage Power Input 9V~36V


Unstable Power Supply in military application is common, wide voltage power input design (9V~36V) become fairly important because it can protect system from damages caused by sudden surge of voltage.


Efficient thermal solution


The OXY5361A offers highly effectively heat conductive and heat convective thermal solutions to meet the demands of customers' extended temperature requirements. The heat conductive solutions uses an aluminum flat mass to place in direct contact with the processor and chipset, the heat from chips then transfers it to the case of the system. A tailor-made heat spreader is what PERFECTRON provide engineers toreduce mechanical design period also ensures the highest efficacy for dissipation. For OXY5361A, the customized heat sink is placed on top of the CPU and chipset, acting as the medium that exchanges the heat to the surrounding atmosphere. The highly efficient aluminum heat sink has a thermal conductivity to absorb the heat generated by the pumping CPU.


Main Features: 

  • Support 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6600U Processor
  • 2 x SO-DIMM, supports Dual Channel DDR4 1866/2133 up to 32GB 1 x Full-size mPCIe, 1 x Half-size mPCIe
  • Multi display: 2 x DisplayPort ; 1 x Dual Channel 24 Bit LVDS Dual LAN Ports ( Intel I210-IT & 1 x I219-LM GbE)
  • 2 x COM Ports: 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS232/422/485
  • 6 x USB Ports: 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Wide range 9~36V DC-in
  • Extended operating temp. -40~+85°C