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PERFECTRON launches new EPIC SBC OXY5622A, powered by Intel® Celeron J1900 or Bay Trail E3845, onboard with 8GB memory & 32GB SSD soldered, delivering truly rugged solution and outstanding graphics with low power consumption from -40°C to 85°C

- December 11, 2014


PERFECTRON, an innovative industrial computing and embedded system solution provider has launched a new EPIC SBC – the OXY5622A. EPIC SBC- OXY5622A is powered by Intel® Bay Trail-I processor E3845 (10W), E3815 (5W) or Celeron J1900 (10W) soldering onboard. Bay Trail processors provide outstanding graphics and CPU performance while consuming low power consumption, 5 to 10 watts. OXY5622A integrates NAND Drive 32GB onboard, up to 8GB DDR3 MIP module, plus two mPCIe expansions and a SIM card holder in a compact EPIC form factor. It supports multi-display, including 2 DisplayPorts, VGA and 24-bit dual channel LVDS with wide range 9V~36V DC-in.


OXY5622A is regarded as a rich-featured board that can be applied to cater various I/O requirements. Mission-critical applications can take the advantages of processors soldering onboard and extended operating temperature from -40 to 85°C to ensure ultimate durability, utmost resistance to shock & vibration. It is regarded as a perfect solution for long lifecycle embedded applications, requiring reliability, compatibility and flexible integration.



prodt-es-OXY5622A_3Enhancement in graphic performance, faster media processing

Intel® Baytrail E3845 & Celeron J1900 operates as systems on chip (SoC) that integrates digital, analog and multiple functions all in one chip. E3845 SoC is designed to improve media conversions speed, stereoscopic 3D and enhance HD video transcoding. It is worth noting that E3845 upgrades its graphic capability by providing new graphic units with 4 cores CPU and have GPU running at 542MHz frequency and 792MH in turbo, which makes graphic card unnecessary. More importantly, OXY5622A carries VGA, LVDS, 2 Display ports and PenMount 6000 touch controller that can bring out the beauty of E3845’s graphic performance that apply in media-demanding applications, such as interactive digital signage automation system control or in-vehicle panel PC.


Stunning resistance of shock & vibration

OXY5622A has key components soldered onboard to eliminate risk of harm caused by vibration. It not only supports Intel® CPU onboard but also up to 8GB DDR3 MIP module and 32GB NAND Drive storage onboard which drastically enhance the resistance of vibration and shock. DDR3 MIP module is soldered on mother board; instead of socket or clip type which removes the concern about loosen connection when confronting vibration. Moreover, it only occupies 1/5 the space of SO-DIMM but saves up to 42% power. Onboard SSD provides lower power consumption, smaller size to fit in compact subsystems. Integrating all the components will bring the users better anti-vibration solution and faster data transfer speed. it is also compliant to MIL-STD 810G standard, can withstand 5g vibration, 100g single shocks and 50g multiple shocks.

  • Advanced extended temperature solution
    PERFECTRON is known as the expert in extended temperature solution development, by using only industrial grade components. All component data will be saved in PERFECTRON’s own databank after the wideband extended temperature testing. With the strict component selection, standard and superb power circuit & layout optimization, OXY5622A is able to operate effectively in harsh environments ranging from -40 to 85°C.

  • OXY5622A features power-saving, wide range power input, rich I/O and thermal design which leverage the performance of EPIC SBC. It ensures shock resistance,extreme environment operation, long term reliability and longevity. It is designed to meet various embedded applications, such as rugged panel PC, heavy duty transportation, high-end medical imaging and factory automation. 



Main Features:

• Support Intel® Celeron J1900(2.42GHz, 10W), Bay Trail-I E3845(1.91GHz,10W)/E3815(1.46GHz, 5W) on board

• Support NAND Drive 32GB on board

• Support DDR3 1600Hz 8GB/4GB MIP module on board

• Support PenMount 6000 resistive touch controller on board

• 2 x Mini PCIe expansion

• Multi display: VGA, 2 x DP, LVDS

• 6 x COM ports, 3 x USB ports

• Dual Ethernet ports (2 x RJ45)

• Wide Range 9V~36V DC-in w/ delay on/off

  • • Extended operating temp. -40 to 85°C