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PERFECTRON's new rugged 3.5" SBC OXY5362A with Intel® Kabylake U is launched!

- January 3, 2019

OXY5362A is driven by Intel® Kabylake-U SoC 14nm Core™ i7/i5/i3 BGA processor, 32GB DDR4, Extended range of Temperature - 20°C to +85°C

Newly-launched Graphic Processing SBC

The professional embedded industrial computer designer, PERFECTRON, brings out a new 3.5" rugged SBC - OXY5362A! It is based on Intel® Kabylake-U SoC 14nm Core™ i7/i5/i3 BGA Type chipset and can be processed by Intel® Core™ i7-7600U/ i5-7300U/i3-7100U processor. Compare with other OXY series model, OXY5362A is equipped with the greatest graphic processing CPU, which can provide the excellent visual effects with fast processing speed to our users. What’s more, two SO-DIMM, dual channel DDR4 are designed on our delicate 3.5" SBC board, increasing the RAM of OXY5362A up to DDR4-32GB and providing the best operating performance in such an exquisite motherboard. Besides, according to PERFECTRON's professional design, our OXY5362A can successfully operate with high efficiency in a harsh environment under extended range or temperature from - 20°C to +85°C, and the special 9V~36V DC input design can also protect OXY5362A to prevent it from damaged by sudden surge of voltage.

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High Scalability for I/O design

OXY5362A is your best motherboard choice for automation systems, display and all applications processing by the equipped rich I/O design, composing 8-bit DIO, dual channel 24-bit LVDS, 2 x display ports, 2 x COM ports, 2 x LAN ports and 6 x USB ports. What’s more, OXY5362A I/O design is greatly scalable that can give various connection and expansion for other devices and systems.

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Wide operating temperature ensures the reliability and stability of the equipment

With PERFECTRON's extraordinary research and perfect design, OXY5362A can successfully operate from -20°C up to +85°C degrees, and with our special industrial extended range of temperature layout, it can also reduce the potential computer glitches caused by hardware incompatibility and losses of connectivity caused by shock and vibration.

Wide Voltage Power Input 9V~36V

Wide voltage power input (9V~36V) is OXY5362A’s significant design. Thus, it can protect the system from damages caused by sudden surge of voltage in unstable power supplies in military or any other applications.


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Efficient thermal solution

PERFECTRON develops the best heat conductive solutions for OXY5362A. We use an aluminum flat mass that directly contacts with the processor and chipset, so the heat from the chips can be transferred to the case of the system, successfully implementing the heat dissipation solution.