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PERFECTRON’s Risk Diversified Rugged Marine Computer- MC100, IP65 Classified, MIL-STD-810G Compliant, Extended Temperature (-40 to 70°C)

- March 10, 2015

pic01PERFECTRON, an innovative industrial computing and embedded solution provider has launched a distinctive risk diversified fan-less system, which is also specially designed for marine application – MC100. Nowadays, every country takes national security as its top priority, and considerable resources have been devoted to securing whole country and citizens’ safety. PERFECTRON is fully dedicated in the field to providing marine, defense and other value-added solutions. Years of experiences enables us to enrich our expertise and cater customers’ changing needs. PERFECTRON now releases remarkably invincible rugged system that can completely endure external impacts- MC100, Intel® 3rd Gen. Core i7-3517UE processor with Ivy Bridge QM77, supports high computing power with low power consumption. 


  • Stunning Capability of MC100
    PERFECTRON gathers and organizes different customers’ needs, and comes out widely accepted specifications that suitable for different marine applications. MC100 is equipped with reliable M12 connectors which provide maximum stability and complete protection. M12 connectors can seal the connector areas securely, and the system can further be operated uninterruptedly even under the most severe condition such as dust contamination, moisture and vibration. More than that, PERFECTRON exclusively designs a unique heat sink enclosure which allows dual-sided heat dissipation. The aluminum heat sink with irregular fin can substantially enhance heat dissipation that replace fan and make it a fan-less solution, supporting higher level of extended temperature from -40~ +70°C. Wide range 9V to 36V DC-in is also important which protects system from damages caused by sudden surge of voltage. All these features above are indispensable elements when it comes to superior reliability and extensive duration. Being a fully integrated, tested and qualified system, MC100 is the perfect solution for military, marine and surveillance purpose.


    Risk Diversified Rugged System
    To achieve our guarantee of genuine robustness, PERFECTRON provides risk diversified rugged system instead of all-in-one solution, which mainly delivers the significance of indepedent operation. As mission-critical environments include high contamination, severe vibration and shock, system can easily breaks down or cause failures. In order to eliminate any possibilities of damaging the whole set of system in these kinds of situations, separating each external device as computer, video input device, touch monitor and others is definitely a key to diversify the risk. Alternatively, users can simply replace the specific parts when upgrading the system or changing parts when problem occurs.



    Sufficient I/O Connectors for application requirement
    MC100 offers sufficient I/O by M12 connectors to cater wide variety of application requirements. The versatilities includes 2x LAN, 2x USB and 2x COM for connecting extra functionalities. For example, NMEA is connected to RS232 for special sensors or marine electronic gadgets. A USB is connected with external video capture box for surveillance purpose, and another USB is connected with joystick to control camera. CAN Bus is also a highlight which makes MC100 more valuable. CAN Bus offers value added feature as it is widely applied in marine and transportation applications. Again, with M12 connectors supported, all these I/O connection can operate longer duration in harsher environments with no doubts.

  • Easy Swappable IP65 HDD/SSD Tray
    Though MC100 focuses mainly on its extreme rugged design, it is also worth noting about its user friendly design- IP65 HDD/SSD tray which is easily exchangeable on the rear side of the system. It allows the users to change HDD/ SSD without any annoyance that breaks conventionality by spending much effort to disassemble the whole system and even need to take the risk of destroying the system while changing. When HDD/SSD capacity is not enough, user can change to larger capacity SSD in just a few moves; it is always good news for the users on a swaying vessel, which is absolutely time-saving.


  • IP65 Classified – Dust and Waterproof Protection
    MC100 is IP65 classified against dust, water and humidity protection that allows the system to achieve even higher stability and reliability when operating under mission critical environments. MC100 can withstand not just commercial grade waterproof and dust-proof, it can reach dust tight level, which brings the system to a higher realm. Even the strong power of water projection won’t post a threat to MC100. With IP65 protection and effective thermal design, this fan-less rugged system can operate smoothly under -40 to +70°C with Ivy Bridge i7-3517UE, dual cores 1.7GHz turbo up to 2.8GHz without CPU throttling. When speaking of ultimate ruggedness, MIL-STD 810G standard is considered the only and necessary principle. MC100 has managed to pass the tests concerning its resistance to high&low temperature, humidity, shock and vibration. All the testings are conducted and passed to reach military application standards. 




Main Features:

•Intel® 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge QM77+ i7-3517UE processor

• Intel® 4th Generation Haswell QM87+ i7-4700QE processor (By request)

• 1 x DDR3 SO-DIMM up to 8 GB

• 2 x USB (for 1 x M12 connector)

• 2 x COM port (M12)

• 2 x LAN (M12)

• Displays by 1x VGA (M12)

• 1x CAN BUS (M12)

• Supports 1x 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD (Easy Swappable)

• Fully IP65 classified

• MIL-STD 810G compliant

• Wide range 9V~36V DC-in (M12)

• Extended Temperature -40~ +70°C