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Dual Mini PCIe or mSATA Expansion Slots, 2.5" SSD, PCIe/104 Carrier, -40°C to 85°C

  • PCIe/104 stackable bus structure
  • Supports 1 x 2.5” SSD, 2 x Mini PCIe slots
  • Supports 2 x mSATA SSD slot, compatible with JEDEC MO-300B
  • SATAII interface supports 1.5Gbps/3.0Gbps
  • Reserve PCI/104 connector for different stacking criteria
  • Extended temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Technical Profile
  • Specifications

SK401 is a PCIe/104 (StackPC) peripheral module designed for stacking system, expanding extra storage. The storage carrier can support either with two mPCIe or mSATA modules or one mSATA with one 2.5” SSD which can be stacked with other PCI/104 Express, PCIe/104, PCI/104 and StackPC modules. The mSATA signal is transferred by PCIe/104 connector, however the board itself also carries PCI/104 interface to cater different expansion slot and create another stackable criteria. The storage module goes with standard mSATA ports which can replace any other mSATA storage devices. Combining with mSATA SSD modules can directly expand larger capacity to reinforce storage and performance. SK401 provides the power to 2.5” SSD which allows the users to assemble easily with embedded system. SK401 can not only be available as an independent mSATA SSD carrier but also as a complete storage solution.


Operating Temperature
-40°C to 85°C  

Storage Capacity

4GB to 4TB

Flash Type


Host Interface

PCIe/104 bus (Type2)
(PCI/104 bus is also available for different stacking criteria)

SSD Slots

Mini PCIe Slots

1 x 2.5” SSD, 2 x mSATA

2 x Mini PCIe


SATA signals from PCIe/104

Operating Temperature

Extended Temperature -40°C to 85°C


95 x 109 mm