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What's PCIe/104

1. Benefits of StackPC
 Benefits of StackPC - Expansion Connector
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The StackPC Specification defines new approach to stackable systems design and development. The specification includes all valuable heritage of PC/104 standards along with the new features of StackPC connector.

The main competitive distinction of the StackPC connector is the combination of most popular low speed interfaces such as USB, COM, CAN, SPI, LPC and high speed SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI-Express x1, x4 within one stack expansion connector.

The dimension and pin of the StackPC connector is as the same as the PCIe/104 connector.


Benefits of StackPC-Adaptation

There are three types expansion connectors on StackPC module:

StackPC _Connectors


StackPC _Connectors-2


StackPC _Connectors-PC104



Benefits of StackPC – Goal for Cable-less Design

This combination allows to minimize the number of wired connections inside the stack system enclosure and gives more design and manufacturing flexibility.

Benefits of StackPC for Rugged System Design

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  • BANK1 is the same

PCIe x4 StackPC modules can be placed into PCIe/104 stack on the TOP

  • Flexibility in adaptation to most popular form factors 
  • Maximum compatibility with the most popular PCIe/104 modules
  • More features with FPE expansion up to PCIe_1610


2. Compatibility with PCIe/104

The same protection mechanism as in Type1/Type2

BANK1 is the same as PCIe/104 Type2

Universal modules are fully compatible


Compatibility with PCIe/104

3. Rugged System Development

The design of the system is designed to StackPC which can be used up to 4 basic types of modules



4. COM-type application of StackPC modules

As a COM module

•Allow big size components under the module

•Stackable and Save the space


StackPC-FPE OXY5535B


EPIC SBC Carrier Module SK507

•StackPC-FPE carrier module in EPIC form factor

•2 x mPCIe
•1 x VGA, 1 x DP
•4 x USB3.0
•2 x GbE
•2 x RS485
•1 x SATA, 1 x CFast


COM-type application of StackPC modules