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  • Support Intel Pineview N455 processor

  • Single/dual channel 18-bit LVDS

  • 1 x Mini PCIe

  • 8 x COM ports

  • 12V DC-in

  • 2X RJ45

  • 1X VGA

  • Wide operating temp. -40 to 85°C


OXY5315A 3.5” SBC is designed with Intel Pineview N455 processor onboard and supporting SO-DIMM DDR3 up to 2GB memory. It presents low-power consumption with compact size. OXY5315A supports rich I/O with 8X USB and 8X COM port to connect required device for different usage. Besides, it carries one Mini PCIe socket for add on card connect ability. OXY5315A has compact sizel but feature-rich footprint allows this single board computer to meet the versatility demands of many embedded computing applications.

Critical components soldering on board





To achieve high standard of shock and vibration demand, OXY5315A was designed with components soldering onboard including CPU and chipset. This not only enhances the conductivity for circuit dissipation but also improves the robustness of motherboards. Benefits of soldering:
• High density
• Heat conduction
• Maximum Resistance to Shock and Vibration
• Lower resistance and inductance at the connection
• Better and more predictable high-frequency performance
• High EMC compatibility (lower radiated emissions) and the smaller lead inductance

 Extended temperature support -40°C to 85°C





OOXY5315A is a model born for extreme temperature environments by proven outstanding operation performance under crucial conditions. Powered by Intel Pineview N455 processor, it survives an extended market-leading operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C without processor throttling (reduced frequency) and continuously presents superior high performance.

Rich I/O support (8 x COM ports, 8 x USB ports1 x Mini PCIe)

OXY5315A supports rich I/O with 8 x COM ports, 8 x USB ports and 1 x Mini PCIe. These enhance user flexibility and more choices to connect variety of device to fulfill different markets and application. OXY5315A is expected to be a great solution for KIOSK, transportation, automation application.